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文献信息 使用产品 影响因子 在线预览 文件下载
Propofol Improves Sensitivity of Lung Cancer Cells to Cisplatin and Its Mechanism A549 肺腺癌细胞; 在线预览 下载
Hybrid micelles based on Pt (IV) polymeric prodrug and TPGS for the enhanced cytotoxicity in drug-resistant lung cancer cells A549 肺腺癌细胞;A549/DDP 肺癌耐顺铂耐药株; 在线预览 下载
Elevated N-Glycosylation Contributes to the Cisplatin Resistance of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells Revealed by Membrane Proteomic and Glycoproteomic Analysis A549/DDP 肺癌耐顺铂耐药株; 在线预览 下载
Regulatory role and mechanism of the inhibition of the Mcl-1 pathway during apoptosis and polarization of H37Rv-infected macrophages 细胞凋亡线粒体膜电位检测试剂盒(JC-10);细胞凋亡线粒体膜电位检测试剂盒(JC-10);细胞凋亡线粒体膜电位检测试剂盒(JC-10);细胞凋亡线粒体膜电位检测试剂盒(JC-10); 在线预览 下载
Overexpression of Mitochondria Mediator Gene TRIAP1 by miR-320b Loss Is Associated with Progression in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma TUNEL细胞凋亡检测试剂盒,升级装(BIOTIN标记POD法,通用);TUNEL细胞凋亡检测试剂盒,升级装(BIOTIN标记POD法,通用);TUNEL细胞凋亡检测试剂盒,升级装(BIOTIN标记POD法,通用); 在线预览 下载
Baicalin suppresses proliferation, migration, and invasion in human glioblastoma cells via ca2+-dependent pathway Ca2+ GPCR分析-钙离子指示探针 Fluo-2, AM;Ca2+ GPCR分析-钙离子指示探针 Fluo-2, AM; 在线预览 下载